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Portal Venography

  • Haokang Wei
  • Vishnu Chandra
  • Faisal Shah
  • Sohail G. ContractorEmail author


Portal venography provides valuable information regarding the anatomy and physiology of the portal and it’s collateral circulation. Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the portal venous system is of great importance in evaluating the liver and splanchnic circulation before and after hepatobiliary procedures and for evaluation of mesenteric ischemia, varices, and in chronic liver disease. There are multiple noninvasive and invasive methods to assess portal venous system. Noninvasive modalities allow frequent, relatively inexpensive, faster, and safer imaging of the portal venous system. Invasive modalities allow intra-procedural and hemodynamic parameter assessment of the portal venous system but carry some mortality and morbidity depending upon the approach.


Ultrasonography Computed tomography Magnetic resonance imaging Splenoportography Transhepatic portography Wedged hepatic venography Arterial portography Portal hypertension Portal venography TIPS 


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  • Vishnu Chandra
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  • Faisal Shah
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  • Sohail G. Contractor
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