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Acute Liver Failure

  • Diana Toma
  • Ovidiu Lazar
  • Ecaterina Bontas


Acute liver failure is a highly unpredictable disease that can evolve to a life-threatening situation within few hours. In a simplified manner, acute liver failure is the acute liver dysfunction with multiorgan damaging associated with numerous complications, and very poor prognosis, being caused by varied etiologies. Despite the numerous advances on pathophysiology, intensive care treatment, and transplantation techniques from the last decades, is still characterized by increased mortality. At present, the patients with acute liver failure should be managed in Intensive Care Unit where the therapy should be applied based on the specific etiology of the acute liver failure and it should be started as early as possible.


Acute liver failure Liver Acetaminophen toxicity Viral hepatitis Hepatic encephalopathy Coagulopathy Ammonia Intracranial pressure Liver transplantation 


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  • Ovidiu Lazar
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  • Ecaterina Bontas
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  1. 1.Life Memorial Hospital—MedlifeBucharestRomania
  2. 2.“Prof. C.C. Iliescu” Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular DiseasesBucharestRomania

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