The Art, Science, and Engineering of BCI Hackathons

  • Mario OrtizEmail author
  • Eduardo Iáñez
  • Christoph Guger
  • José M. Azorín
Part of the Springer Series on Bio- and Neurosystems book series (SSBN, volume 10)


Hackathons are becoming these days more and more popular. The present chapter introduces the concept of brain on art hackathon. This new type of hackathon, based on the interaction of art, science, and engineering, is a successful event where learning, innovativeness, art and neuro-technology meet.


Hackathon Brain-machine interface Interdisciplinary Brain to art interface Art EEG 



The authors would like to thank all the sponsors that made possible the 2017 BOA conference hackathon: IEEE SMC, IEEE brain, Brain Products, g.Tec, Emotiv, OpenBCI, and BR41 N.IO.


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  • Mario Ortiz
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    Email author
  • Eduardo Iáñez
    • 1
  • Christoph Guger
    • 2
  • José M. Azorín
    • 1
  1. 1.Brain-Machine Interface Systems LabMiguel Hernández University of ElcheElche, AlicanteSpain
  2. 2.g.tec Medical Engineering GmbHGrazAustria

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