Mitral Valve Repair in Rheumatic Mitral Disease

  • Taweesak ChotivatanapongEmail author


Current understanding of the structure and dynamics of mitral valve complex allows surgeons to achieve improved results of mitral valve repair. With rheumatic mitral disease, attention should focus on restoration of normality of both diastolic and systolic functions of the mitral valve. Surgical techniques based on this approach have greatly increased the scope of repairing mitral valve in rheumatic mitral disease as well as the success rate. By virtue of repairing all of mitral valve components with the goals of restoration of type I movement, good coaptation and annular remodeling, rheumatic mitral valves can now be repaired safely and reproducibly. Despite encouraging results of repair of rheumatic mitral valves, with mixed or predominant stenotic lesions, close follow-up is mandatory. This chapter focuses on current state of the art as well as innovative techniques in repairing rheumatic mitral disease.


Chordal repair Chordal splitting Leaflet peeling Mitral stenosis Rheumatic mitral disease 


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