Reimagining the Church as a Decolonial Ally: Pedro Casaldáliga’s Liturgies of Repentance

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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Brazilian Bishop Pedro Casaldáliga wrote two liturgies of repentance: Missa da terra sem males, which expresses remorse and apology on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church addressed to the indigenous peoples of Brazil, and Missa dos Quilombos, which repents for the Church’s sins against the Afro-Brazilian community. These liturgies model a way to respond to the moral problems of the Church’s involvement in colonization and the slave trade, as well as its ongoing complicity with racial discrimination and abuse. If the Church wishes to be true to its moral commitments and to act as a relevant force in society, it must acknowledge its wrongdoings and redress the harms it has perpetrated.

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