Incorporation of Modified Second-Order Adaptive Filter in MFGCI for Harmonic Mitigation of Microgrid

  • P. C. Keerthiga
  • G. Gabriel Santhosh Kumar
  • S. Hemila Haland
Conference paper


Power quality is important in the distributed grid system to supply clean and stable power. A multifunctional grid connected inverter (MFGCI) is intended for effective utilization of Distributed Energy Resources and also to provide continuous supply still in deprived power quality situations. The shunt-series switched (SSS) configuration is used for both current and voltage compensation. Therefore, MFGCI is capable of providing series and parallel tie with the grid and load using bidirectional switches. Conversely, the functionality of SSS-MFGCI is imperfect during voltage compensation. In addition, power quality troubles regarded are partial to harmonics. Thus, a Modified Second-Order Adaptive Notch Filter (SOAF) is implemented for multipurpose control of MFGCI and power quality improvement. The control scheme is multipurpose as SOAF is used for grid synchronization, reference signal generation and total harmonic distortion (THD) reduction. The filter technique is adaptive to circumvent the loss occurred. A modified SOAF is used for its improved disturbance rejection capabilities.


Grid connected inverter Harmonic distortion Multifunctional converter Multipurpose control Second-order adaptive filter Power quality Voltage regulation 



Alternative Current


Adaptive Notch Filter


Direct Current


Distributive Energy Resources


Distributed Generation


Dynamic Voltage Restorer


Grid Connected Inverter


Multifunctional Grid Connected Inverter




Point of Common Coupling


Phase-Locked Loop


Power Quality


Renewable Energy Source


Second-Order Adaptive Notch Filter


Shunt Series Switched


Static Synchronous Compensator


Total Harmonic Distortion


Uninterrupted Power Supply


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