Sexual Health

  • Carl G. StreedJr.Email author
  • Ivy H. Gardner
  • Kara Malone
  • Brent C. Monseur


There is a tendency to reduce all LGBTQ health to issues of sexual health, but the well-being of LGBTQ people goes far beyond sexual health. Conversely, sexual health is not an issue specific to LGBTQ populations; it is equally important to LGBTQ individuals as others. Although certain sexual experiences, behaviors, and risks are more commonly associated with LGBTQ populations, no experience is unique or universal to the LGBTQ population. Sexual health is an integral part of all individuals’ general health and well-being regardless of sexual orientation, sexual behavior, or gender identity.


Sexual health LGBT health Safer sex Sexually transmitted infections HIV/AIDS Men who have sex with men Women who have sex with women 


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