Situating Star Architecture: The Case of Phaeno in Wolfsburg

  • Walter NägeliEmail author


Star architecture can provide much more than just displaying an exquisite architectural object. Despite its global network of influences and its self-declared role as ideas givers and catalysts for the development of its trade and despite its self-declared placelessness, star architecture can develop a complex set of productive relationships to its context and be a factor in the development of a specific urban condition. The phaeno in Wolfsburg is such a case. The building by Zaha Hadid Architects provides an architectural answer for an urban area of contradiction and conflict reflecting historic and economic conditions and an ongoing challenge for urban designers.

It also provides a link in the chain of tourist events in Wolfsburg, it has some signature effect for the city in concert with other famous buildings, and it has strengthened the city’s position on the map of architectural tourism.


Wolfsburg Zaha Hadid Science centre Urban context Public space 


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