How to See the Good in the Foundation

  • Joshua Rasmussen


In this final piece on evil, Rasmussen seeks to uncover thin lines by following six steps to a grander view of ultimate reality. In the first step, Rasmussen highlights a question that frames our entire inquiry: How much value does the foundation have? Here, Rasmussen draws attention to the virtues of simplicity and predictive success. On step two, Rasmussen seeks to kick away an obstacle to the good foundation hypothesis by showing why a supreme foundation could still be considered “natural.” Steps three, four, and five make crucial distinctions relevant to Leon’s points and to any analysis of evil and suffering. On step six, Rasmussen provides a summary of this vision from his position on the epistemic landscape, after separating sights from non-sights.


Supreme naturalism Prior probability Simplicity of theism Value of free will Theodicy 


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