Tuberculous and Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infections

  • G. Omondi Oyoo
  • Eugene Kalman Genga


Skeletal tuberculosis (TB) refers to TB affecting the bones and/or joints. It is a rare disease and seen in 1–3% of patients with tuberculosis. There has been a surge in numbers partly driven by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Musculoskeletal TB can manifest in the following forms—spondylitis (Pott’s disease), arthritis, and osteomyelitis. About half of these cases affect the spine, and the rest are extraspinal osteoarticular joints. Skeletal TB usually is a result of reactivation of bacilli lodged in the bones during the original seeding of the primary infection. Diagnosis of skeletal tuberculosis (TB) is a challenge especially considering that in more than half the cases there is no evidence of active chest disease. The indolent nature of the disease also contributes to its delays. Clues from history including prior TB contact, the systemic B-symptoms of TB, and countries of origin of the patient can help raise the level of suspicion for TB. The mainstay treatment of tuberculosis arthritis is appropriate anti-TB drug therapy.


Tuberculosis Musculoskeletal tuberculosis TB arthritis Poncet’s disease Pott’s disease Nontuberculous mycobacterial infections 


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