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This chapter offers a preview of results for six methods of systematically creating guitar pickup circuits, including: (1) generating the maximum number of possible series-parallel circuits from unmatched single-coil pickups; (2) the maximum number of circuits from dual-coil humbucking pickups; (3) humbucking pairs, quads, hextets, and octets from matched single-coil pickups; (4) adding tonal choices by reversing individual magnets in matched single-coil pickups; (5) a simplified switching system using a few rules to generate less humbucking circuits from any number of matched single-coil pickups, including for even and odd numbers of matched pickups; and (6) pickup circuits that use variable gains and humbucking basis vectors instead of switching to generate a continuous range of tones. The chapter also gives the reasons for writing a book from patent applications: (1) no one will believe these things can be done until they see the math and examples; (2) it may serve to protect intellectual property from patent thieves; and (3) the US patent office has been hostile to Pro Se patent applicants, improperly citing prior art, to which this book may serve as a testament of proper engineering reasoning, development, and invention.


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