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  • David Walters
  • Deborah Helman


This text has made the case for undertaking response capability analysis before deciding upon strategic direction and structure. We argue that in the current business environment not only are strategic (and for that matter shorter term operational) opportunities increasingly available but so too are the ways and means of competing for them. The “convergence” of Industrié 4.0, Value Chain Management 2.0, and meeting stakeholder perspectives of value has created an increasing number of alternative solutions for competing in the marketplace. The case studies in this chapter have been constructed such that they identify activities that are decision points concerning response capabilities. The chapters dealing with the response capabilities, both existing and new concepts, have been introduced and explored; some of the concepts may not have been encountered in previous business school programs, or were, but not in the approach taken here. We have presented a wide range of topics and would argue that all are relevant and should be used when thinking thorough an overall response to an opportunity. It can be expected that future market opportunities are likely to present themselves in a manner that suggests numerous solutions. The benefit of the response capability approach is that it opens up these alternatives. This suggests that response capabilities are not only useful for creating new innovative solutions but can also be used to search for alternatives around a specific capability. Case studies do not represent superior ways of resolving issues, nor do they represent inferior practice; they reflect ongoing or recent situations that have occurred. But they do present the reader with an opportunity of exploring the situation by asking: if they knew then what they know now, what could the end result be? The chapter begins with a list of key concepts and definitions – this may assist the reader in thinking through the case studies and is a useful summary of the key ideas that are examined in this publication.


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