A 25-Year Old Woman with Scaly Hypopigmented Lesions

  • Preeti Sharma
Part of the Clinical Cases in Dermatology book series (CLIDADE)


Pityriasis versicolor is a common superficial fungal infection of skin mostly seen in people living in tropics and in hot humid environment. A 25 year old female presented with multiple asymptomatic hypopigmented, mildly scaly lesions over upper trunk, neck and upper arms. Scratch test with slide showed accentuation of scales and potassium hydroxide mount of scales showed fungal spores and short, broad, branched hyphae, confirming the diagnosis of pityriasis versicolor. Treatment is mainly topical therapy and oral antifungals can be prescribed as second line therapy. Lifestyle modifications are advocated to prevent recurrence.


Pityriasis versicolor Malassezia Spaghetti and meat balls Azelaic acid Azoles 


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