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This chapter considers the major static deformations observed in silicides. The tests performed are tension, compression and indentation in both single crystals and polycrystalline silicides. Further, the mechanical properties of thin films are an integral part of this chapter and their stress developed during formation on cooling (differential thermal shrinkage) and as a result of mismatch between substrate and silicide film are discussed. Known expressions are included in this chapter which describe the observed stress developed and the strain rate sensitivity. The ideal case to eliminate cracking, other defect formation and lift-off in the silicide film is zero stress. Slip lines of some single crystal silicides for various orientations and temperatures characterize the deformation. Silicides are brittle at room temperature and become ductile at elevated temperatures. The single crystal and polycrystalline silicides and silicide thin films presented in this chapter are CoSi2, NiSi2, MoSi2, WSi2, FeSi2 and TiSi2.


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