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Anterior shoulder dislocations account for 95% of shoulder dislocations. In those cases, the humeral head is displaced anteriorly, inferiorly, and medially. The peak age is 15–25 years, and it is more common in males. The four types of anterior dislocations are subcoracoid, subclavicular, subacromial, and intrathoracic. Posterior shoulder dislocations account for 2–4% of the glenohumeral dislocations. The humeral head usually dislocates straight posteriorly (subacromial). Rarely, the humeral head may dislocate subglenoid or subspinous. The peak age is 35–55 years, and it is more common in males. It can occasionally be bilateral depending on the mechanism.


Anterior shoulder dislocations Humeral head Anteriorly Inferiorly Medially 


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