Checking the Data Complexity of Ontology-Mediated Queries: A Case Study with Non-uniform CSPs and Polyanna

  • Olga GerasimovaEmail author
  • Stanislav Kikot
  • Michael Zakharyaschev
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11560)


It has recently been shown that first-order- and datalog-rewritability of ontology-mediated queries (OMQs) with expressive ontologies can be checked in NExpTime using a reduction to CSPs. In this paper, we present a case study for OMQs with Boolean conjunctive queries and a fixed ontology consisting of a single covering axiom \(A \sqsubseteq F \sqcup T\), possibly supplemented with a disjointness axiom for T and F. The ultimate aim is to classify such OMQs according to their data complexity: \(\textsc {AC}^0\), L, NL, P or coNP. We report on our experience with trying to distinguish between OMQs in P and coNP using the reduction to CSPs and the Polyanna software for finding polymorphisms.



The work of O. Gerasimova and M. Zakharyaschev was carried out at the National Research University Higher School of Economics and supported by the Russian Science Foundation under grant 17-11-01294. We are grateful to Peter Jeavons and Standa Živný for helpful discussions of Polyanna and arc consistency.


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  • Stanislav Kikot
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  • Michael Zakharyaschev
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  1. 1.National Research University Higher School of EconomicsMoscowRussia
  2. 2.University of OxfordOxfordUK
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