Endoscopic Clips and Glues

  • Roupen Djinbachian
  • Daniel von Renteln


Endoscopic clips were introduced in 1975 by Hayashi et al. and Kumarata et al. for the treatment of acute gastrointestinal bleeding. Clips quickly became a standard endoscopic tool for many indications. Glues were introduced in 1977 by Martin et al. The main indications for clips are to treat acute bleeding or post-polypectomy gastrointestinal bleeding, and more recently endoscopic perforations and fistulae. Glues have a more restricted use in endoscopy and are mostly used to treat gastric varices and fistulae. There are at least eight types of clips offered by different companies. Some are used through-the-scope, others over-the-scope, whereas glues come in two different types: cyanoacrylates and fibrin glues. Future direction for clips include expansion for larger perforations, prophylactic application after large polyp resections, full thickness resection, POEM procedures, and the combination with newer hemostatic agents (i.e., Hemospray) and other modalities. This article provides an overview of available endoscopic clips and glues and the main indications and contraindication for their use, as well as future perspectives for these endoscopic tools.


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