Coherence in Language Policy Making in Tertiary Education

  • Elena Orduna NocitoEmail author
  • Gretchen Obernyer


This chapter focuses on a general requirement deemed necessary by universities in Spain: that teachers in bilingual degree programs have a C1 level of competence in the English language as described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The aim of this chapter is to test our hypothesis and describe the process established at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. The overall results of the level test will be analyzed, with special focus on the applicant’s written level. Concerns have arisen regarding whether the primary focus on oral skills overrides written skills in tertiary education, and what this means for written materials presented to and by students. Clearly, further follow-up studies are needed to determine implications regarding the effectiveness and quality of teaching-learning outcomes in university bilingual degree programs.


Bilingual degrees Teachers C1 level of competence 


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