The End as the Beginning in Distinction of Tawhid as Law and as Knowledge Centricity of Meta-science of Tawhid

  • Masudul Alam Choudhury


The first five verses are the first revelations of the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad for declaring to the world the centrepiece of knowledge in Tawhid as worldview. The most precious gift has thus been conferred to the world of reason, truth, and reality contrary to the dark reality of falsehood and evil. The fundamental invoking of knowledge is laid bare in the foundational framework of Tawhid as the primal ontology of knowledge; the declaration of this true knowledge to the world-systems; and the use of the mystic pen that was commanded by Allah to write from the Beginning to the End in historical consciousness. In a most vivid way, Ghazali (trans. Karim n.d.) expressed how the mystic pen followed Allah’s command. In this way, the mystic pen is forever writing the moral-material consciousness of historicism from aye to eternity.



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