Transdisciplinary Consciousness Explained by Meta-science of Tawhid

  • Masudul Alam Choudhury


Tawhid along with its specific structure of methodology and applications to ‘everything’ in a transdisciplinary orientation is the only law in Islam. Thus, Tawhid is the universal and unique law of oneness of ‘everything’. This fact was established adequately throughout this treatise. Contrary to Tawhid as law, shari’ah that serves the purpose and objective (maqasid) is a blessed gateway from and to Tawhid as the true law. Only if this is of the nature of being derived from and returning to the continued comprehension of Tawhid as law that maqasid as-shari’ah has a place of Islamic recognition. Otherwise, in a contrary case, every aspect of shari’ah needs to be discarded as illegitimate. The Qur’an says in this regard, all matters return back to Allah. Muslims made a great blunder of belief and interpretation when they concocted an outlandish term and practice of human-made origin called shari’ah-compliance. This misunderstanding ought to be avoided and rejected sooner than later. The scope and application of shari’ah-compliance are absurdly outside the great scope of Tawhid as law.



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