Theorizing Patriarchy: An Inquiry into the Politics of Domination

  • Kochurani Abraham
Part of the New Approaches to Religion and Power book series (NARP)


Insights into the structural framework of gender relations in a given society can be gained by examining the theoretical notions of patriarchy that have evolved in that particular context. This is the main thrust of this chapter. After clarifying the problematic posed by postmodernists in deploying the notion of patriarchy as an analytical concept, the specific features of Indian patriarchy are examined by looking into its intersectionalities, mainly from the perspective of its caste and religious underpinnings and the nexus between production and reproduction. On examining the interplay between colonialism and Indian patriarchy from a postcolonial angle, one comprehends better the identity construction of Indian woman in the politics of nationalism. The Syrian Christian mediation of patriarchy finds its place within this caste and colonial framework.

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  • Kochurani Abraham
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