Textbook of Male Genitourethral Reconstruction: Penile Augmentation, Fact or Fiction

  • Joshua A. Halpern
  • Jeremy D. Lai
  • Nelson E. BennettEmail author


Humans have been preoccupied with penile augmentation from time immemorial. In modern times, a wide variety of approaches have sought to increase penile length, girth, or, in some cases, both. While there is no consensus regarding appropriate indications, penile augmentation has been used in the setting of microphallus, fibrosis, trauma, and penile dysmorphia. Techniques for girth enhancement include injectable therapies, grafting, and implants. Penile lengthening procedures include traction therapy, suspensory ligament division, flap and liposuction procedures. This chapter aims to provide a brief review of historical and current approaches to penile augmentation, as well as a critical review of evidence regarding efficacy and complications.


Penile augmentation Penile enhancement Autologous fat injection Dermal fat graft Suspensory ligament division Penile traction 


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