History of Urethral Stricture and Its Treatment

  • Devang DesaiEmail author
  • Francisco E. Martins


Urethral stricture is defined as a narrowing of the urethral lumen. Urethral stricture can cause voiding symptoms and can affect a patient’s quality of life. Urethral stricture, like other urological diseases, is probably as old as mankind and has always been a prevalent and challenging urological condition. History of urethral stricture management dates back to ancient human civilizations. This condition is known to mankind since ancient times though the evolution of its management has been fairly significant in the last century, especially with the advent of grafts for urethroplasty. The earliest recorded attempts to deal with urethral strictures occurred in sixth century BC India. Since then and until the twentieth century, this disease received little attention and a long period of sterile evolution interrupted by a few insignificant, isolated efforts took place. This was mainly attributable to its unpleasant effects and the most grotesque religious superstitions involving urethral stricture disease. In this chapter we look at the journey in the origin and evolution of urethral stricture management along its many centuries of history.


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