Recurrent Cold Suppurative Granulomatous Lymphadenitis

  • Giuliana Giardino
  • Emilia Cirillo
  • Vera Gallo
  • Claudio PignataEmail author


Cold abscesses are a hallmark of defects of the innate immune system including hyper-IgE syndrome and chronic granulomatous disease

MyD88 is a molecular adaptor acting downstream to all TLR, except TLR3, and downstream to IL-1R

MyD88 deficiency is associated with selective increased susceptibility to invasive pyogenic bacterial infections

Low fever and mild increase of systemic inflammatory markers in contrast with a severe clinical course of infectious diseases should rise the suspicion of MyD88 deficiency


Cold abscesses Lymphadenitis MyD88 


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  • Emilia Cirillo
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  • Vera Gallo
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  • Claudio Pignata
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