Frontal Sinus Surgery

  • Ayça Özbal Koç
  • Selim Erbek
  • Gheorghe Mühlfay


First of all we must recognize that the frontal sinus surgery is the most laborious intervention performed on the paranasal cavities and the ESS was elected for the simplification of these operations. Currently, endoscopic frontal sinus surgery is preferred in the treatment of the majority of these sinus diseases, except complicated frontal sinusitis and the extended tumoral pathology in which endoscopic approaches often fail or disseminate the disease. That is why the surgeon must possess the whole range of the classical techniques, and by the convertibility of a FESS, to be capable to apply the best solution for the patient’s pathology. External and intranasal frontal sinus approaches (i.e. trephination, radical ablation procedures, conservative intranasal techniques, external frontoethmoidectomy and osteoplastic anterior wall approach) have been used for the treatment of frontal sinus pathologies. Due to the poor outcome and unsatisfactory aesthetic results of the classical proceedings and thanks to the technological improvement in imaging systems together with the use of endoscopes and microscopes, these single and combined approaches have been widely adopted. After 1985 David Kennedy and Heinz Stammberger developed the EES(S) regardful of the Austrian technique FESS. In 1989, Schaefer and Close used the modified Messerklinger operation for the treatment of frontal sinus diseases. Later, Draf applied both endoscope and microscope in the treatment of frontal diseases.


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