Mass Transfer in the Gas Phase

  • Sujoy Kumar Saha
  • Hrishiraj Ranjan
  • Madhu Sruthi Emani
  • Anand Kumar Bharti
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This chapter presents detailed discussion on simultaneous heat and mass transfer phenomenon for heat transfer augmentation. The mass transfer resistance in gas phase for different processes like condensation with noncondensable gases, evaporation of water into airstream, dehumidification in finned tube heat exchangers and water film enhancement of finned tube exchanger has been presented.


Simultaneous heat and mass transfer Condensation with noncondensable gases Evaporation of water into air stream Dehumidification in finned tube heat exchangers Absorption 


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  • Hrishiraj Ranjan
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  • Madhu Sruthi Emani
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  • Anand Kumar Bharti
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