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Tuna Requiem

  • Steven Adolf


First the good news. It was the end of July 2013 and orcas were swimming in the Strait of Gibraltar again. And if there were orcas then they were looking for their favourite food: bluefin tuna. That was what made it so special, as it was precisely a year after the predicted Doomsday for the Atlantic bluefin tuna according to statistics drawn up by the ICCAT scientists. Now, in the middle of the summer, tuna was still in evidence. Not just a lost solitary individual desperately trying to find the rest of his shoal. The sea was full of tuna. Even tuna that, having mated, was on its way back from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. For decades, returning tuna had only rarely been registered during the summer months. Bluefin tuna stocks had been so paltry that hardly any tuna swam out to the Atlantic.


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