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The Mystery of the North Sea Bluefin Tuna

  • Steven Adolf


When did we notice that something had gone wrong? With tuna—as so often with other environmental issues—it crept up on us. At first you don’t notice at all. Then people start to talk about a problem. Often this is followed by a stream of confusing information, so that it’s not always easy to gain a clear picture and it’s often the subject of dogged polemics, against a background of significant financial and political interests. Sometimes this is followed by timely intervention, as in the case of the worldwide ban on propellant gases for the ozone layer. But more often it is suddenly too late. As with cod on the Canadian and American east coast, for instance, or coral on the Great Barrier Reef, and perhaps soon krill in Antarctica. Things go wrong underwater because we don’t see much of it from above (Fig. 13.1).


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