Advocacy for Nurses and Consumers

  • Andrea BrassardEmail author
  • Winifred V. Quinn
  • Patrice Little
  • Toni DiChiacchio
Part of the Advanced Practice in Nursing book series (APN)


This chapter focuses on several principles of advocacy for policy change by advanced practice nurses in the United States and globally. As an essential component in advanced practice nursing education, the role of advocacy for consumers differs from that of advocacy for the profession. Through AARP and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, advanced practice nurses from states with restricted laws were equipped with winning strategies to increase legislative efforts in their states. Two exemplars are discussed: lessons learned from West Virginia, a state that has successfully removed major barriers to care, and the continuing journey in Georgia, a state with limited practice. Increasing awareness of public health issues and soliciting support of non-nursing organizations for advocacy are key for advanced practice registered nurses to engage in legislative efforts globally.


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