The Criterion Association’s Activity of 1932: ‘Idols’ Symposia, Politics, Culture

  • Cristina A. Bejan
Part of the Modernity, Memory and Identity in South-East Europe book series (MOMEIDSEE)


This chapter explores Criterion’s first season of events. The Criterion Association was devoted to covering relevant cultural, political and intellectual topics of the day, exposing all points of view and reaching far beyond the limits of the elite circle of the Young Generation. The symposia were attended by representatives of all ranks of Bucharest society. The symposia themselves were structured as debates, and each was presided over by a member of the Old Generation. Criterion began its unique cultural crusade with a cycle of symposia on ‘Idols’ of their day in the fall of 1932. Bejan then presents how politics interfered and forced Criterion to define its apolitical character. That autumn, Criterion also presented a more artistic, less politicized, series entitled ‘Contemporary Romanian Culture.’

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  • Cristina A. Bejan
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