Involute Self-braking Inverse Gears. Geometry of External and Internal Engagement

  • Olga V. EgorovaEmail author
  • Victor V. Panyukhin
  • Marina V. Samoilova
  • Gennady A. Timofeev
Conference paper
Part of the Mechanisms and Machine Science book series (Mechan. Machine Science, volume 73)


The authors consider the geometry of self-braking spur involute inverse gears with external and internal engagement, which is used to obtain the desired direction of the output shaft rotation of the self-braking gear, and that allows escaping the use of intermediate gearwheels, but keeping high efficiency. However, one of the engineering problems, especially in hoisting-and-transport machines, is that many electromechanical drives require rigid fixation of the output link in a predetermined position and the exclusion of its spontaneous movement under the load. For this, the drive is usually equipped with a brake. Still, in many cases, it is possible to avoid using a special braking device (or significantly reduce it), if you use a self-braking gear mechanism in the drive, which combines the functions of motion transmission and automatic braking of the drive after switching off the engine.


Self-braking inverse gear internal and external engagements geometry spur involute gear pole of engagement pitch point helical gear 


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  • Victor V. Panyukhin
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  • Marina V. Samoilova
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  • Gennady A. Timofeev
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