Critical Factors in Execution

  • Khadija Amine
  • Wafa El Kholti
  • Jamila Kissa


Root conditioning or root preparation was considered for many years as a fundamental principle and a step in surgical treatment of gingival recession defects [1–3]. This root treatment may be mechanical and/or chemical. The aims of mechanical root instrumentation are removing root caries [4], reducing root convexity [5, 6], reducing the cementum toxins [7], and smoothening the root surface [8] (Table 7.1). It was suggested that this mechanical treatment might enhance a close adaptation of the graft to the surface of the root, which was flattened [5, 6]. This intimate contact could consequently avoid flap shrinkage and graft exposure [14]. However, Saletta et al. [15] demonstrated that root instrumentation did not change root surface convexity, which could be flattened moderately.


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