Plant Virus-Based Nanotechnologies

  • Amy M. Wen
  • Karin L. Lee
  • Nicole F. SteinmetzEmail author
Part of the Women in Engineering and Science book series (WES)


Nanoscale engineering is revolutionizing disease detection and prevention. Viruses have made a remarkable contribution to these developments because they can function as prefabricated nanoparticles that have naturally evolved to deliver cargos to cells and tissues. The Steinmetz Lab has established a library of plant virus-based nanoparticles and carried out comprehensive structure–function studies that have shown how to tailor these nanomaterials appropriately for biomedical applications. By exploiting the benefits of synthetic and chemical biology, plant virus-based nanotechnologies are being developed for applications in molecular imaging and drug delivery, and as cancer vaccines and immunotherapies.


Plant virus nanotechnology Viral nanoparticles (VNPs) Virus-like particles (VLPs) Molecular imaging Drug delivery Immunotherapy Vaccines 



This was funded in part by the following grants to N.F.S.: NIH R01-CA224605, NIH R01-HL137674, NIH U01-CA218292, NIH R21-EB024874, NIH R01-CA202814, NIH R21-HL121130, NIH R21-EB020946, American Cancer Society 128319-RSG-15-144-01-CDD, NSF DMR-1452257 CAREER, NSF CMMI-1333651, NSF CHE-1306447, and Susan G. Komen CCR14298962. A.M.W. was supported through the following fellowships: NIH T32 EB007509, AHA 15PRE25710044, and NIH F31 HL129703, and K.L.L. was supported by the following fellowships: NIH T32 EB007509 and NIH R25 CA148052.


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  • Karin L. Lee
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