Liver Resection and Total Vascular Exclusion

  • Andrea LauterioEmail author
  • Riccardo De Carlis
  • Stefano Di Sandro
  • Luciano De Carlis
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Despite the evolution of the surgical technique, minimizing blood loss during parenchymal transection still remains the major challenge of complex and extended hepatectomies. Total vascular exclusion (TVE) successfully applied in hepatic dissection during liver transplantation is now an accepted and commonly used technique in conventional liver surgery. A better understanding of the concepts related to liver transplantation such as ischemia-reperfusion injury and cold preservation of the liver graft has led to the development of technical improvements such as the combination of hypothermic liver perfusion and standard vascular exclusion. This chapter reviews the surgical and clinical advances in liver surgery using TVE, focusing on the technical progress that will allow further extension and application of these complex surgical procedures.


Liver transplantation Total vascular exclusion Liver resection Hypothermic perfusion In situ Ante situm 

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