The NATO Information Office Activities in Russia in the context of Realpolitik

  • Maria Usacheva
Part of the New Security Challenges book series (NSECH)


This Chapter observes and analyses the tensions within the NATO–Russian relationship by focussing on the activities of the NATO Information Office (NIO) in Russia, especially how its political agenda has influenced the working processes in the office. Being a NIO project officer for almost two years (2012–2013), just before the Ukrainian crises, I implemented a number of successful projects within our small team and together with our Russian partner organisations and colleagues. Due to the confidentiality obligation within my working contract with NIO towards third parties, which continues beyond the termination of the employment relationship, I will not be able to mention all the details of some of the processes that I faced during my duties. However, there is considerable public information and media sources available, which cover the most relevant topics and tendencies discussed in this Chapter.



I would like to express many thanks to my former boss, Robert Pszczel, Director of NATO Information Office (NIO) in Moscow who has returned to the NATO HQ Brussels, my NIO colleagues, Prof. Ivan Safranchuk from the Russian Diplomatic Academy for the content support, IT specialist Nikita Menshutin from Varna (Bulgaria) for software support, YGLN colleagues for this initiative and pushing us to write this book according to the deadline as well as for editing our texts, especially Andrew Futter, and of course my family: my parents and my sister, who are far away from politics and security issues, however, always support me in all my activities.

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