What Handy Tools Does SGP Have for Me?

  • Alex McConahay
Part of the The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)


Sequence Generator Pro has tools, wizards, profiles, menus, drop-downs, defaults, events, and a sequencer. It has lots of places to configure and click. It is bewildering at times to keep it all straight. But really, one needs relatively few of the options to make it work. This chapter will explore the main menu and the icon bar of tools right below it. It assumes you are familiar with the general screen layout of SGP, as described in detail in Chapter  5. We will be moving among the main menu choices, tool icons, image viewing pane, and its separate strip of tool icons. Along the way, we will call on a few context-sensitive menus called by a right click. So, it would be good to know where these things are. We will cover things in depth that have not been the subject of other chapters. At times we will cover some items lightly, referring you to other parts of the book for more depth. It is not a simple march through the main menu. Ideas will be grouped according to their subject and how they are used.

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