Utopia and Democracy

  • Miguel Abensour


In a provocative essay published for the first time in English, Miguel Abensour questions the idea that there is an irreducible antinomy between utopia and democracy. He challenges the common misconception that utopianism can only lead to totalitarianism and instead attempts to restore the usefulness of the concept of utopia as a tool for transforming society. Exploring the contrast between the exuberance of utopia and the sobriety of democracy and inspired by the new utopian spirit that has appeared in many thinkers since the mid-nineteenth century, he argues that democracy and utopia need one another and calls us to democratize utopia and utopianize democracy. Abensour rethinks the relationship between democracy and utopia and argues that their point of contact is in their connection with the human, which is unpredictable and heterogeneous.

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