The Transition of Existing Businesses Towards the Circular Economy: Circular Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • Sabine Urban


The transition of existing businesses towards the circular economy does not operate according to a unique kind of process: variety is correlated to numerous specific features. That makes the “real economy” interesting to discover while promising efficient, effective solution models. The first section is dedicated to large multinational companies, SUEZ and Saint-Gobain, forerunners in the circular economy, but following different evolutionary paths. SUEZ promotes a radical “resource revolution”; Saint-Gobain, founded in 1665, is opting for a continuous evolutionary innovation process. The second section focuses on two successful family-owned businesses: the Hager Group and Soprema, with different business cultural backgrounds. The third section looks at organizational problems for very large firms (like Engie) and small and agile ones (like EIM).


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