Graphene Plasmonics Based Terahertz Integrated Circuits

  • Neetu Joshi
  • Nagendra P. PathakEmail author
Part of the Reviews in Plasmonics book series (RIP, volume 2017)


This chapter outlines the design and full wave analysis of terahertz integrated circuits using graphene plasmonic waveguides. The material properties of graphene at THz frequencies have been discussed first, and later the guiding properties of graphene plasmonic waveguide structures are discussed. Emphasis has been given to provide details of modeling of graphene plasmonic parallel plate waveguide and it’s variants such as nano strip, suspended nano strip, coplanar and graphene backed coplanar waveguides to determine wave properties such as phase constant, attenuation constant, characteristic impedance and propagation length. Examples of graphene plasmonic waveguide based THz integrated circuits such as resonator, band pass filter, power splitter; coupler, phase shifter, oscillator and antenna have also been given.


Graphene Terahertz Transmission line Discontinuities Resonators Filters Couplers Oscillator Phase shifter Antennas 


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