Living with a New Paradigm and Learning to Judge Effort and not Outcome

  • C. Norman Coleman
  • Karolynn F. Coleman
Part of the Identity in a Changing World book series (ICW)


The awareness and mental clarity that develop and progress change how one lives, however, this does not require disruption of the normal flow of life. The change may or may not be noticeable to others but will greatly alter how one interacts with others and the choices one makes for how to spend time. Healthy living involving diet, exercise, time in nature and with family and friends will impact one’s general wellbeing. The importance of these factors in longer, productive and meaningful life is being recognized in lifespan studies. With mindfulness skills, it will be easier to make decisions, function in high-stress and high-performance environments and change based on one’s inner direction purposely in contrast to or in balance with outside expectations or pressures. Success in life, work and avocation is often assessed by accomplishments, however, given all the things that can impact outcomes, one should certainly put in a serious effort to influence an outcome but judge effort. Even striving for “perfection”, should that even exist, cannot assure a result. Two mind-body exercises provided will help demonstrate how much easier it is to live with mindfulness and morality. Summary charts and diagrams serve as reminders on the paradigms for mindful living.


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