The Role of Kuzbass in Ensuring Food Security

  • I. A. Kudryashova
  • E. I. Kharlampenkov
  • A. V. Kolevatova
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 139)


Russia has managed to provide with corn itself and strongly was among the exporting countries in recent years. It has given an impetus to development of agricultural mechanical engineering, production of mineral fertilizers, increasing in tax revenues. The agricultural branches which are traditionally consumers of corn develop, harvests have increased in climatic zones which traditionally belonged to a zone of risky agriculture, for example, the West Siberian regions that promotes ensuring food security of the country. Statistical data and analysis of grain production development on the example of the Kemerovo region are provided in the article. But Russian agriculture is faced by a number of the tasks requiring the solution in the short term. One of them is an increase in the grain output on the basis of use innovative technologies, that will allow to keep the export potential and to provide requirements of domestic market. In the immediate future it is necessary to change balance of the collected corn towards increase in a share of firm grades of wheat that will lead to high-quality improvement of production in the food industry and increasing Russian export. An important reserve of grain production is input of the empty farmlands that was a consequence of recession of agricultural production in the 1990s. Realization of these tasks demands carrying out of the weighed state innovative policy, mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners in the field of agricultural production.


Corn market Corn production in Kuzbass Trends and prospects of agriculture development in Kuzbass 


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  • I. A. Kudryashova
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  • E. I. Kharlampenkov
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  • A. V. Kolevatova
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