The Transfer of Pëtr Vasil’evich from Shenkursk to the Island of Kola. The Extension of His Exile for Five More Years. The Return to Shenkursk

  • Grigoriǐ Vasil’evich Verigin


At the beginning of May 1890, Pëtr Vasil’evich was informed by the Shenkursk Municipal Chief of Police that he had to leave for Kola. At the time, his brother Vasiliı and Konkin were in St. Petersburg on business regarding a petition. Pëtr Vasil’evich sent a telegram to his brother Vasiliı to come to Shenkursk immediately. As for Pëtr Vasil’evich himself, he left for Arkhangel’sk by post horses accompanied by a gendarme who was appointed by the government. From Arkhangel’sk the governor sent him to Kola by ship. Pëtr Vasil’evich was not at all disturbed by this, and on parting with the Shenkursk authorities, he asked them a question, “What does it mean that they are now taking me off your hands?” They shrugged their shoulders and said, “We do not know anything.” To which he said, “If you do not know then who does? But that is fine. I have lived here for three years and was looking forward to some changes as I am young and I want to see vast lands and experience as much as possible in my life.” Brother Vasiliı, upon receiving the telegram, immediately left for Shenkursk where his sister Varvara and Vasiliı Ob"edkov were staying with horses and domestic necessities.

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