Detailed Inquiry and Investigation by Royal Commissioner William Blakemore

  • Grigoriǐ Vasil’evich Verigin


The arrival of the Royal Commissioner William Blakemore in our midst was caused by a misunderstanding between the local government and the Doukhobors in regard to the acceptance of schools and metric registries. There were also all sorts of slander from our former brethren who withdrew from the communal life. The reader of this book already knows that the major rule of communal life was established by the common voluntary wish of all the people. The one who would deviate from this common rule would no longer belong to the brotherhood. Those having forgotten the Lord’s warning that one cannot serve two masters—God and Mammon, first voluntarily joined the commune and then also voluntarily left it, in particular there were many individuals who left after the confiscation of the land. They left, first, because they were afraid of the government that it could take away the rest of the land and inflict great misfortunes and sufferings.

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