Life and Death of Luker’ia Vasil’evna Kalmykova

  • Grigoriǐ Vasil’evich Verigin


Now I will begin to describe Luker’ia Vasil’evna Kalmykova’s visits to the Doukhobors who lived in Elizavetpol’ guberniia. I remember three visits. Luker’ia Vasil’evna always stayed with the Verigins. Our mother was Pëtr Larionovich Kalmykov’s aunt. Thus Luker’ia Vasil’evna visited her as the aunt of her late husband. Her first visit was when Pëtr Vasil’evich and I were children. I remember how every morning she invited us to her room and asked us to stand beside her, with arms folded on our chests. This was in preparation to read the children’s psalms. And we began to recite them. When we finished she thanked us and said, “These are clever boys.” And she gave us candies and nuts. We bowed in thanks and left in triumph.

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