New Horizons for Renewable Energies in Morocco and Africa

  • Hassan Nfaoui
  • Ali Sayigh
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Morocco has a strategic location in the North West of the African continent and is only 14 km from Europe, across the Strait of Gibraltar. In addition, it is characterized by its varied hilly relief and the length of its coasts (3500 km). So, it has available a important solar and wind potential.

Morocco imports more than 96% of its energy needs and its electricity consumption increases by about 6% per year. After setting up an appropriate institutional and legal framework, in 2009, a large-scale solar energy use strategy was launched by the creation of the “Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy” (MASEN) to develop renewable energies. This politic permits Morocco to promote regional integration between sub-Saharan African and European countries. It is based mainly on the increase in the contribution of renewable energies to national electricity consumption and the development of the clean energy economy.

MASEN is responsible for implementing the Royal vision for renewable energy. By gaining expertise in solar and wind energy development and optimizing the price of electricity, MASEN is strengthening Morocco’s advantageous position in the renewable sector in Africa and international level.

In the horizon, a full renewable energy option will be fully discussed based on what is feasible and appropriate for Morocco. Already several business contracts were made in utilizing PV application, Solar Thermal CSP System and Wind Energy.

The twenty-first century will be a century of less and less water, sustainable development and environmental emigration. Morocco is known for its know-how in the dam construction and its renewable energy model. The sharing of these skills with African countries will contribute to its development, consequently to the reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions.


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  • Hassan Nfaoui
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