Toward Green Building and Eco-cities in the UAE

  • Riadh H. AL-Dabbagh
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Dubai achievements have been undoubtedly fascinating. It has grabbed the world’s attention with most astonishing story of transformation starting from a barren desert to constructing the world’s tallest building. Which encouraged creating a healthy and sustainable development, which is all about achieving a balance between economic development and environmental protection.

Dubai government has announced its objective to transform Dubai into a smart city with an eco-friendly economy, aiming to make it the most sustainable city in the world by 2021. Abu Dhabi and other Emirates are also striving to construct its own fully sustainable cities.

Sustainable project is simply “a building that minimises its environmental impact by reducing energy and water consumption, and minimising waste production.”

In January 2011, Dubai Municipality made the Green Buildings Regulations and Specifications mandatory for governmental buildings and voluntary for private ones. However, in March 2014, when a total of 44 green governmental buildings had been constructed, the municipality made the regulations mandatory for all new buildings in Dubai. The Green Buildings Regulations and Specifications address different aspects of green building design, such as ecology and planning, building vitality, energy, water, materials, and waste.

Dubai’s Green Buildings Regulations and Specifications, which are now available on the Dubai Municipality website, encourage all developers to build toward a greener tomorrow, safeguarding future generations and at the same time not having a negative impact on the occupant’s health. It addresses different aspects of green building design, starting from ecology planning, building vitality, resources effectiveness in energy, water and material, and waste management. Dubai has included the environment as part of its general strategic plan—which includes a number of sub-plans, initiatives, and projects that aim to improve the environmental conditions in the emirate and reduce the energy consumption by 30% within 2030.

Green buildings and green building materials are vital parts of Dubai’s strategic plan to become a green city. The challenges presented by sustainable urban development are huge. Urban planning, transportation infrastructure, quality of life, and the use of renewable energy are just few of many strategies they are working on to steer today’s urbanization toward sustainability. Green building and green cities are a part of long-term national initiative to build a green economy in the UAE under the slogan: “A green economy for sustainable development.”


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