Water Resources Management Planning in the Czech Republic

  • J. SchneiderEmail author
  • M. Blahová
  • H. Lorencová
  • I. Lampartová
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Administration of the basins and watercourses in the Czech Republic is defined by Act No. 254/2001 Coll., on waters (the Water Act). It includes the state administration, administration of the river basins and administration of minor watercourses. It defines the rights and responsibilities of the administrators as well as obligations of the owners of the land on which the watercourse is located and the neighbouring land, and obligations of the owners of the water management works and structures on these plots. Planning in the water sector performed within the hydrological basins is a systematic conceptual activity undertaken by the government. Its purpose is to determine and mutually harmonize public interests of water protection as a component of the environment, to reduce adverse effects of floods and drought, and to ensure sustainable use of the water resources. The chapter briefly summarizes the development of planning in the water sector and presents plans of individual river basins and sub-basins as the basic conceptual documents. Protection against floods also includes the Flood protection strategy and the Flood risk management plans.


Watershed management Watershed planning Watercourse administration Spatial planning 



This chapter has been worked out under the project no. EHP-CZ02-OV-1-032-2015. Raising awareness and publicity of the importance of forest functions in the landscape and near-natural watercourses in urban areas as a part of basin ecosystem services.


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