Pushing the Online Matrix-Vector Conjecture Off-Line and Identifying Its Easy Cases

  • Leszek Gąsieniec
  • Jesper Jansson
  • Christos Levcopoulos
  • Andrzej LingasEmail author
  • Mia Persson
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11458)


Henzinger et al. posed the so called Online Boolean Matrix-vector Multiplication (OMv) conjecture and showed that it implies tight hardness results for several basic partially dynamic or dynamic problems [STOC’15].

We show that the OMv conjecture is implied by a simple off-line conjecture. If a not uniform (i.e., it might be different for different matrices) polynomial-time preprocessing of the matrix in the OMv conjecture is allowed then we can show such a variant of the OMv conjecture to be equivalent to our off-line conjecture. On the other hand, we show that the OMV conjecture does not hold in the restricted cases when the rows of the matrix or the input vectors are clustered.



CL, JJ and MP were supported in part by Swedish Research Council grant 621-2017-03750.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Leszek Gąsieniec
    • 1
  • Jesper Jansson
    • 2
  • Christos Levcopoulos
    • 3
  • Andrzej Lingas
    • 3
    Email author
  • Mia Persson
    • 4
  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of LiverpoolLiverpoolUK
  2. 2.Department of ComputingThe Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityKowloonHong Kong
  3. 3.Department of Computer ScienceLund UniversityLundSweden
  4. 4.Department of Computer Science and Media TechnologyMalmö UniversityMalmöSweden

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