Poland: Recognition, but No Diplomatic Relations with Kosovo

  • Jarosław Wiśniewski
Part of the New Perspectives on South-East Europe book series (NPSE)


Between 1999 and 2008, Poland’s policies towards Kosovo were a by-product of Warsaw’s relationship with NATO and the United States. Poland strongly supported the NATO air campaign against Serbia and later contributed to international missions in the country. However, while Poland recognised Kosovo’s independence in 2008, it did not establish direct diplomatic relations with it. This was mainly the result of domestic political considerations and rivalries. While Poland has been supportive of the EU dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and supports Kosovo’s EU perspective, there is limited interest or will in Poland to change the status quo.

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  • Jarosław Wiśniewski
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  1. 1.Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)WarsawPoland

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