Ziarah (Visit) Takaful

  • Mohd Ma’Sum Billah


The Ziarah Takaful Plan is one of the products under Family Takaful that has been offered by Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Bhd. It has been available ever since Takaful Malaysia became operational. This plan is suitable for those who often travel or enjoy a relaxing domestic or overseas holiday. This plan also is offered to those who want to perform umrah or Hajj. Recently, Takaful Malaysia Berhad has come out with a new product that is known as the Hajj Takaful Plan. This plan is separate from the Ziarah Takaful Plan, which is a combination of Ziarah Takaful and Hajj Takaful. Therefore, those who want to go on pilgrimage do not have to deal directly with Takaful Malaysia. Instead, they will be represented by Lembaga Tabung Haji as their agent to deal with Takaful Malaysia.

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